Pricing Information

My prices are determined by those who want to Breed and those who just want a quality pet with no papers. Not all pups are created equal and some will be priced more depending on the quality of that particular puppy.

SIZE: Teacups regardless of color will continue to be priced higher. Toys will also be slightly higher.

COLOR: I will continue to have pups in all the colors.

Normal colors: Black, Black/silver and salt/pepper

Rare colors: White, Cream, Parti's, Chocolate (Liver), White with liver points

GENDER: Females may cost more than males.Depending on the quality,

some males will be priced the same as the females.

(subject to change at any time)


Size Pet Price Breeder Price
Miniatures, 14 - 30 lbs $1800.00- UP CALL
Petites, 11 - 13 lbs $1800-UP CALL
Toys, 8 - 10 lbs $1800-UP CALL
Teacups, 3 - 7 lbs $2000.00/UP NO BREEDERS


Keep in mind this is a general pricing guide, I reserve the right to change the prices at any time.

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