Why a Schnauzer?

Schnauzers make delightful pets for many reasons. They are bright, intelligent, alert animals who are easy to train, and can be taught to perform any number of tricks. A highly social breed, schnauzers are little clowns who love attention and are eager to please. They are good with children, but also make great companions for those who live on their own. If allowed, they'd even love to share your bed with you— but be warned, they might just push you off your pillow!

The miniature size of my schnauzers make them ideal travelling companions, and I find that most of my dogs adore riding in cars, whether it's on a road trip or just to and from the grocery store. They also make pleasant lapwarmers while watching TV or lounging in the evenings. And on a more practical note, a schnauzer doesn't shed, so you don't have to worry about unsightly pet hair on your clothes and carpets. Also, they're very easy to housebreak (see my tips page for more information on this.)

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